January, 25-26

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Megagrip by Vibram


Vibram in occasione dell’evento sarà presente con il progetto SOLE FACTOR.

I primi fortunati che si recheranno al Truck Vibram avranno l’opportunità di trasformare le proprie calzature da avvicinamento dotandole di una suola Vibram Megagrip progettata specificatamente per i climber: all’interno del Truck i calzolai eseguiranno in diretta le sofisticate lavorazioni di risuolatura delle scarpe*.

MEGAGRIP è la mescola Vibram dall’ottimo grip su roccia, sia asciutta che bagnata: pensata per raggiungere le falesie o l’attacco delle vie, su passaggi tecnici, pericolosi, scivolosi e brevi passaggi di arrampicata e disarrampicata.

Vibram Truck sarà operativo in questi orari:
Venerdì 19 dalle 13:00 alle 22:00
Sabato 20 dalle 13:00 alle 22:00
Domenica 21 dalle 9:00 alle 13:00

*Verranno effettuate un massimo di 20 risuolature al giorno esclusivamente di scarpe da avvicinamento, il personale Vibram si riserva di accettare/non accettare le scarpe.


Presso lo stand Vibram sarà posizionata una rampa in roccia granito bagnata su cui effettuare i test delle calzature da avvicinamento (La Sportiva TX) che montano mescola Vibram Megagrip.

Per tutta la durata dell’evento ci sarà un tecnico-promoter qualificato Vibram che, attraverso la rampa test, avrà modo di spiegare tecnicamente la performance della tecnologia e di rispondere alle domande.


Boulder: sulla parete boulder appoggiata sarà possibile cimentarsi in diversi passaggi di aderenza utilizzando scarpe con suola Vibram Megagrip.

Rope: tre tiri di difficoltà crescente da chiudere senza utilizzare le scarpette bensì indossando le scarpe di avvicinamento con suola Vibram Megagrip.

Chi sarà in grado di raggiungere la catena potrà “raccogliere” un ticket da consegnare presso il Truck per ricevere un premio.

Selfie Contest – adidas sport eyewear 

Scatta un selfie al corner adidas sport eyewear e vinci un paio di occhiali!

Cose da fare:
  1. dal 19 al 21 gennaio vieni a RockSpot NordOvest e scatta un selfie presso il corner adidas sport eyewear;
  2. postalo su Instagram e Facebook con i tag @milanoclimbingexpo@asporteyewear e l’hashtag #MCE18
  3. le 20 foto più cliccate vinceranno un paio di occhiali adidas sport eyewear!
Come funziona:
  • il contest è riservato solo alle donne;
  • le foto e i like saranno validi entro le 11:00 di domenica 21 gennaio;
  • le foto devono essere scattate SOLO ed ESCLUSIVAMENTE presso RockSpotNordOvest durante Milano Climbing Expo;
  • ogni partecipante può postare più foto, ma ne verrà premiata una soltanto;
  • i premi verranno consegnati a RockSpot NordOvest al termine del Women’s Sunday workshop, domenica 21 gennaio alle 13:00.


Entre-Prises (EP) is part of ABEO Group and a pioneer in the climbing structure industry, designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke solutions to develop the sport of climbing throughout the world. From teaching walls to complex structures for international competitions, EP solutions are suitable for climbers of all standards.

EP acts as a true local partner: the customisable services available include artificial climbing structures, holds and accessories together with maintenance, training and route-setting services, providing comprehensive support for customers with their projects.

As a partner to the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing), EP is committed to playing an active role in developing climbing for all.


Rokodromo produces and sell Climbing Holds and Training Tools all around the world since 2009. We produced more than half million holds last year.

Our catalog is always changing, currently we provide more than 1700 different shapes.

Our Material

The Polyurethane formula what we are using is directly developed for Climbing Hold producing. We have spent many many years increasing the lifetime and the color brightness of our products keeping our prices as they are


DocRock is born from the constant desire for challenge.
Thirty years of continuous research of my limits led me to look for products that meet the needs of climbers.

Ultra grip magnesite, a range of carabiners and exclusive quickdraws, waterproof crags and mountains backpacks, all necessary for spiking and enriching this sport, accessories of various kinds for climbers.

The distribution of the best outlets on the market and the creation of certified facilities with the possibility of annual contracts for route settings are services that I can offer you thanks to my experience – Alberto Gnerro


Flathold was born of the encounter between an international route setter and a visual arts student, whose first experience together dates back to 2008.

A common goal: to create and develop shapes and grips, to fashion the foam so as to approach the feelings one gets on a natural line.

Testing gravity on the grips; imagining the movement possibilities they can offer on a wall; feeling the friction point. Beyond their basic function, the goal is to make the holds aesthetic. A random detail on the sculpture can be what gives harmony to the shape. «Sometimes you know in advance that you will want to make a crimp; after giving a function to the hold, the goal is to try to go a little further than simply offering grip, to give the shape life».

Inspiration starts as trial and error. The sculptor’s work that gives life to the different series draws from nature, without attempting to simply copy it. « You start a shape and you let yourself be guided. This is where the random aspect expresses itself in a way that could be described as similar to nature».

These two very different temperaments are what make up the essence of Flathold: friendship and collaboration in a project driven by a constant thirst for innovation.


XCULT Ltd. is an innovative company which made its debut in 2009. The company is a producer of climbing walls, polyester holds and plywood and fiberglass volumes.

XCULT is established by Iliyan Mihaylov and Daniel Dudev. Iliyan Mihaylov,a graduated sculpturer,a climber with more then 15 years of climbing experience and more then 10 years designing of climbing walls and holds for himself and other manufacturers.

Selfie Contest by adidas sport eyewear 

Take a selfie at adidas sport eyewear corner and win a pair of glasses!

To do:
  1. on January 19, 20 and 21 take a selfie at adidas sport eyewear set while in our RockSpot Nord Ovest Climbing gym;
  2. post your selfie on Instagram and Facebook, tag @milanoclimbingexpo and @asporteyewear and use hashtag #MCE18
  3. the 20 most liked photos will win a pair of glasses by adidas sport eyewear
How it works:
  • the contest is reserved for women only;
  • every participant can post her picture and obtain like until January 21 at 11:00;
  • pictures have to be taken in our gym along the event ONLY;
  • every participant can post as many photos as she wants but can win just once;
  • the prize will be given on Sunday January 21 at RockSpot NordOvest at 13:00 at the end of the Women’s Sunday workshop.

Megagrip by Vibram


VIBRAM is @ Milano Climbing Expo with the SOLE FACTOR project. Be the first to visit Vibram TRUCK, and to try and upgrade your APPROACH SHOES with a Vibram MEGAGRIP sole. On board of the Truck, Vibram shoemakers will perform resoling in real time*.

MEGAGRIP is the Vibram rubber compound featuring the best grip on dry and wet rock: Megagrip is designed to reach in a safer way the crags or the base of the routes, specially where trails become slippery and technical. Love Megagrip too while walking back safer after a long climbing day.

Vibram Truck will be open at this time:
Friday 19 from 13:00 to 22:00
Saturday 20 from 13:00 to 22:00
Sunday 21 from 9:00 to 13:00

*A maximum of 20 resoling per day will be made. Vibram staff will accept “approach” shoes only, and may not accept some shoes for technical reasons.


A 45° inclined wet ramp will be placed at Vibram booth. Come and test the unparalleled grip performance of Vibram Megagrip sole that equips La Sportiva TX shoes. A Vibram expert will deliver all details about this great Vibram technology for “approach”.


Test, Reach the top, Get a gift. With Megagrip it is easier.

Forget a few minutes your climbing shoes, put on a pair of La Sportiva TX approach shoes, and climb!
Boulder: try the pure grip performance of Vibram Megagrip on boulder section.
Rope: three progressive grade routes to climb with “TX shoes”shoes. Top a route and catch a ticket to get a Vibram or La Sportiva gift.

Route Setters

The route-setter team, Milano Climbing Expo: premium climbers with the passions and capacity to make other climbers “dreaming their dream”.

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