Milano Climbing Expo is not just another competition to check who get the latest hold! It will be a climbing feast where “everybody wins”!

The attendees coming from Milano and abroad, who will just come to be part of the biggest European climbing festival (an expò indeed) and who will attend the 2 sessions of Sunday morning to enjoy up to the very last minute of the event climbing with friends and top Athletes who are writing the climbing history.

The climbers, who will challenge themselves on either the Boulder or Lead competition on Friday and will win a wild card to access the Saturday show with the top athletes.

Our Italian juniores athletes, who are practicing to be THE athletes of tomorrow and are now preparing religiously to attend the next&first Olympics Climbing Games in Brsasil on 2018. They will show the 3 disciplines of the combined competition that finally landed to be part of the prestigious Olympic Games.

The top athletes, who realised in the last year the best outdoor performance ever, and are happy to compete among friends in a positive and professional environment. They will dedicate time to meet&greets, to deliver interviews, to share good time with climb-lovers and will host the workshop of Sunday morning.

Our international route setter team, premium climbers with the passions and capacity to make other climbers “dreaming their dream”.

Our Partner and Sponsor who are following our gym evolution, our projects and ideas proactively and in a truly supportive way additionally to create and deliver the stateof- the-art climbing products and gears.

The international friends who will be following the show thanks to our FB and YouTube streaming in ITA and ENG

You, who are reading this words and (we hope) will be joining us in January!