(2000, Milan, Italy -Kundalini ASD Team)

FASI’s member since 2013 and since this year she has been competing for the Kundalini ASD-ASP competitive team at the Rockspot NordOvest Gym (Pero).

Her results:

  • Champion of the Regional Lombardy Absolute Boulder Championship 2017
  • Regional Lombardy Junior Championship 2016-2017: Combined 2nd place.
  • Italy Lead Cup 2017: Senior 16th place and Juniores 4th place.
  • Italy Bouldering Cup 2017: Senior 27th place and Juniores 12th place.
  • National Youth Championships Under 18 Arco Di Trento 2017: Boulder 13th place and Lead 10th place.
  • Boulder Outdoor level : 7B, Transversal Thoughts.

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