Climbing Technology is a brand of Aludesign S.p.A., a company with over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Climbing Technology operate in a factory of 6.000 sqm located in Italy, between Bergamo and Lecco, a geographical area characterized by a strong and recognized mountaineering tradition. The extensive know-how, combined with the newest manufacturing technologies, is the prerequisite for the development and production of devices conceived to excel in all vertical activities: mountaineering, sport climbing, Via Ferrata, work at heights, technical rescue and recreational activities such as adventure parks. The specialized diversification, constant revision of new cutting edge materials and processing techniques, are the means for setting new standards in excellence and devices that fully respond to the most advanced
technical and sport expectations.


Our mission identifies three fundamental objectives: safety, functional effectiveness and simplicity.
The achievement of these objectives enhances the added value of a product genuinely Made in Italy and distinguishes our endeavor for innovation to grant the maximum safety for the user. We believe in the diffusion of a “safety culture” for preventing accidents during vertical activities. Every product marked CT is manufactured in conformity with the quality system ISO 9001:2008, in addition, it must successfully withstand a complex series of laboratory and field tests before it is released in the market.
Our company is committed for the environmental protection and it is certified according to the EN 14001 standard related to Environmental Management System.


Climbing Technology has gathered a team of experts, that actively participate to the development of new products suggesting new ideas for the progress of a continuous technical update in every specific field of business . The team is composed by in R&D department and by highly qualified professionals like SIA instructors, Instructors of the Former trainers for rope courses, Mountain Guides, Rescuers etc., whose different skills and experiences allow to deal with the project from several points of view.
This kind of approach to development is important because the effectiveness of Personal Protective Equipment’s against falls from heights evolves day after day, and most of the new ideas come from experience in both recreational and professional backgrounds during the vertical activity.


Aludesign S.p.A. is certified according to Quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, to which all manufacturing cycles refer to, each product is certified to the relevant CE/EN reference norm and, for additional safety, every product is individually tested or inspected as clearly specified for each item reference. This method make sure that no Climbing Technology product can reach the final user without

previously having been individually tested. Our controls are the following:
• operational individual inspection – for every Climbing Technology product.
• individual control at 12 kN – for the connectors and all the products bearing this indication
• our internal laboratory carries out more than 16.000 destruction tests per year (one complete test every 6 minutes).
• we have set up automatic machine for testing the life-span of the connector’s gates. The life-span calculated as the number of cycles (opening and closing the gate) exceeds 100.000 cycles without decreases in performance.


Aludesign S.p.A. has registered over 20 world-wide patents. We have introduced in the market devices that have stated new safety standards. These products are still a benchmark reference.
Every customer can get immediately and directly in touch with our company and obtain exhaustive and immediate answers concerning our products. Assistance for the correct use of the device is also provided on our web site where you can watch many detailed videos and of course in our comprehensive User Instructions that follow each P.P.E. product.